Are you willing to fight for vaping?


My fellow vapers, the wagons are circling for the battle to regulate the vape.  In the last week or so the Attorneys General for 40 states sent a letter to the FDA urging tough regulation of electronic cigarettes (LA Times Article).  Everyday it seems that another media outlet has published a new story about e-cigs and if they aren’t publishing a story about e-cigs they’re publishing something about some dumbass’s battery exploding like fireworks, burning the aforementioned dumbass’s car, child, house, mullet, genuine NASCAR Dale Jr. dinnerware or their favorite Hank Williams Jr. 8 track.  In this explosion story, a lovely Georgia lady said it shook her whole house.  Uh…yeah.  Normally, we wouldn’t see this sort of quality individual in the media until after a tornado, standing out side in her muumuu in curlers talking about seeing a trailer from down the street fly over hers, all the while being amazed that she was able to hang on to her Marlboro.

The point is folks that there is a lot of money and influence set against vaping.  There has been a lot of untrue and sensationalized stories in the media and over the coming months it is going to get worse not better.  In an article next week, I am going to discuss some of those entities that are set against us and why they are pushing the FDA and FDA like agencies in other countries.

The question remains though.  Are you willing to fight for vaping?  Are you willing to fight not just for your right to have free access to vape gear and liquid, but for the right of the person who is still smoking?

Are you ready to fight?  This is going to be a behind the scenes nasty brawl and we have to pull it to the light of day.  We have to expose the hypocrisy and logical fallacies of the other side.  Are you ready to speak up and tell your story?  Are you ready to call the FDA on their bullshit publicly and set the record straight?  Are you ready to write letters to the editor and call out the media on their bullshit?  That’s what we are going to have to do and we are going to have to do a lot of it.

The great news is that our numbers are large and they are getting larger.  We are going to need it.  We are going to need to make a lot of noise in the coming weeks and months.

Tell the FDA that it is time to EMBRACE THE VAPE!!!

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  1. I AM! :) I just shared this on my FB wall!

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